My French relatives are over for dinner and they’re major food snobs so they’re bashing Americans and things like ketchup and hamburgers. Like girl, the French eat fucking snails. Some French dude picked up a snail and thought “yeah I’m gonna EAT that!”. I s2g.

Just wanted to swing by and say that your art is beautiful <3 uwu

Ah thank you that means alot!!!!!! 

Her outfits give me power


This is why, ladies and gentlemen, we should all invest in church camp.

Original by: 1000Marie

Washed Out - Feel It All Around


Feel It All Around by Washed Out


teen royalty

I’m working on the next chapter of Invisible bride. Sorry its been like 2 months since the last part but school/watchinganime got in the way. Also, finals and AP tests are coming up so it may be another long stint after chapter 2 till chapter 3. 


How we fight tall people

Vine by: Rudy Mancuso


I wanted to draw fanart for this Let’s Play when it started way back in 2013, but then I lost track of it. And as if to remind me, Part 3 came out yesterday. 

Roosterteeth - Gavin Free - What Is Game Night?


So… What is game night? (x)

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